Mynard Hamming

Mynard Hamming was born in McBain, the son of Martin and Mabel Hamming. He passed away on Oct. 8, 2017 at Broomfield, Colorado. After graduation from McBain High School in 1940 his life was an active journey in colleges, the army, and in professional jobs.
He was admitted to the Davenport Institute in Grand Rapids in a business course. Later he transferred to the University of Grand Rapids taking both business and social science. The social science was mainly the organization of the US Army and army campaigns. These were the years before World War II. He joined the Army in 1942 and remained in the Army Reserves with periods of Active Duty until 1953. His main service during the war was the 89th Headquarters Infantry Division with combat in Germany. After the war he joined the 83rd Division Headquarters in the army of Occupation in Austria. He and his army friends got the people to like them and they to like the Austria People. It became evident when he and his daughter, Laura returned 42 years later to Linz, Austria near the Hotel  where he lived for 8 months.
After returning to the United States, he attended Michigan State University for four years receiving a degree in Chemistry. Then he was recalled to Active Duty in the Reserves during the Korean Conflict. He was assigned for 11 months to a unit in Missouri helping to discharge men returning from Korea. It became a way to apply some of his skills in helping these men to become useful citizens again. During his time he took several college courses under the army educational program.
His employment started with Dow Chemical Co. in Midland in the development of a new analytical method called Mass Spectrometry. During this time an important event happened. He met Beverly Huff who was in training to be an R.N. They were married July 19, 1953. Later he continued work with the development of Mass Spectrometry while at Phillips 66 in Idaho and next at the Koppers Co. in Pennsylvania. He and Beverly settled in Oklahoma for the next 40 years during which time while working with the Conoco Oil he wrote a book on Mass Spectrometry and published 40 research papers with the help of the outstanding research scientists at Conoco and friends from Oklahoma State University. He is listed in the American’s Registry of Professionals and is an American Chemical Society Emeritus, served on the board of directors of the American Mass Spectrometer Society. But as with the other co-workers fame is forgotten, and what is left are the memories of family and friends. But most of all during this time Beverly joined him as a Registered Nurse and enjoyed her own career.
Mynard was preceded in death by his wife Beverly in 2003, and their infant babies, Kendall and Lisa, also his parents and infant brother Eldon. He is survived by two daughters, Laura Lee (Alan) Robertson and Heidi Ann (Greg) Scher along with two granddaughtes, Amy Marie and Kathy Lynn Robertson. Funeral services will be at 11:00A.M. Saturday at the Burkholder Family Funeral Home in McBain with Rev. Bill Dyke officiating and burial will take place in Mount View Cemetery at McBain. Visitation will be one hour before services. Thoughts and prayers may be left at www.burkholderfamilyfuneral

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